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About Us

ASEAN-India Science & Technology Collaboration formally started in 1996 with establishment of ASEAN India S&T working group (AIWGST). Initially, the collaborative S&T projects and activities between India and ASEAN were supported through ASEAN India Fund (AIF) but in 2008, a dedicated ASEAN India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF) with an equivalent amount of 1 million US $ was established jointly by MEA and DST to support R&D projects and associated project development activities. The AISTDF was enhanced to an equivalent amount of 5 Million US$ through an announcement by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on sidelines of ASEAN-India Summit in Malaysia in November 2015. The ASEAN-India Innovation Platform is the major element of enhanced AISTDF.

Several projects and scientific activities have been supported and implemented under ASEAN India S&T program which includes-

  • ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D on Thermally Sprayed Ceramic-Based Coatings
  • R&D project on Extent of Transfer of Alien Invasive Organisms (Nuisance) in South/SE Asia Region by Shipping
  • Training Course on Analysis of Chemicals and Biological Contaminants in Raw and Processed Products for ASEAN Countries

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