Announcement for inviting applications for participation in 3rd BRICS Young Scientist Conclave
Durban, South Africa
(25-29 June 2018)

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The idea of the BRICS Young Scientist Forum was adopted at the 2nd BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Ministerial Meeting. As part of BRICS YS Forum’s activities, the 1st BRICS Young Scientist Conclave was held in Bangalore (India) in September 2016 and the 2nd edition of the BRICS YS Conclave was held in Hangzhou, China during 10-14 July 2017.

As a follow up of the above and to implement the BRICS Leaders' Declaration on "strengthening cooperation in science, technology and innovation, especially leveraging young scientific talent for addressing societal challenges; creating a networking platform for BRICS young scientists", and implement the instructions of BRICS ministers, the 3rd edition of the BRICS Young Scientist Conclave is scheduled to take place in Durban, South Africa during 25-29 June 2018.

The Conclave will provide a high-level platform of academic and policy exchange for talented young scientists as well as scientific personnel from BRICS countries to help them grow their skills, broaden their horizon and improve academic and policy qualifications, stimulate the interest of talented young scientists in the strategic research of future technologies, direct their attention to the most promising and important field of science and technology, promote exchanges and friendship, expand channels of cooperation, strengthen inter-disciplinary integration, encourage new academic inspirations, cultivate new academic disciplines and produce valuable policy advice.


  • BRICS Youth connectivity & networking to harness their knowledge for resolving common societal challenges through research and innovation and strengthen advancement of skill & research competencies of youth primarily below the age of 35 years drawn from Science, Engineering other allied disciplines.
  • Building BRICS leadership in S&T through creative youth with capacity and capability to accelerate change individuality and collectively (BRICS Youth Alumni).
  • Reinforcing BRICS nation’s and regional STI policies and youth policies, skill development and entrepreneurship polices.


BRICS STI Coordinating Ministries (Department of Science & Technology from Indian side) on the principles of co-ownership and co-investment.


"Building Young Scientists’ Leadership in Science, Technology and Innovation"

The 3rd BRICS YSF under the theme "Building BRICS Youth Leadership through Science, Technology and Innovation" will highlight the strategic importance of science, technology and innovation as key drivers of youth entrepreneurship and leadership. In addition, the 3rd BRICS YSF will have a dedicated segment on young women in science and include discussions on crosscutting issues such as science advice, science communication and science diplomacy. While the 3rd BRICS YSF will follow the format of previous forums by having thematic discussions (this year the focus will be on energy, water and social science) it will also include additional new components such as the BRICS young innovator prize contest and the BRICS young programmer competition.

Participants & Eligibility:

Young bright scientists/ engineers/ technologists/ innovators/ science journalists-educators-science, literacy and popularizing professional / specialists on translational aspects of research and technology integration in society-market / researchers up to the age of 35 years in the areas of Water, Energy and ICT for societal use.

The participants must be a Doctoral Students or Post-doc or a young faculty completed the Ph.D degree in the above mentioned areas/ topics. The applicants who have already participated in the previous editions of BRICS Young Scientist Conclaves are NOT eligible to apply.

Funding support:

The International air travel related expenses (airfare, medical insurance, visa fee etc) shall be met by the Department of Science & Technology whereas the local hospitality ie food, accommodation and local transport in South Africa etc will be supported by the (MOST South Africa) for the entire duration of stay in South Africa.

3rd BRICS YS Conclave Programme

The 3rd BRICS YSF programme will include the following activities:

  • Three Parallel Sessions on the Thematic Areas: Energy, Water and Social science
  • BRICS Young Women in Science Dialogue
  • BRICS Young Innovator Prize
  • BRICS Young Programmer Competition
  • Workshop on Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Seminar on Science Diplomacy, Advice and Communication

Parallel Sessions on Thematic Areas

The parallel thematic sessions will specifically address issues related to the following topics:

  • Energy-The Present and Future Energy Imperatives of BRICS Economies
  • Water-The Strategic Importance of Water Resources in the Context of Climate Change
  • ICT-The Impact and Challenges of Modern ICT Technologies on Youth Identity and Cultural Choices

BRICS Young Women in Science Dialogue

The BRICS Young Women in Science Dialogue will seek to:

  • Provide a platform for young women scientists and researchers to discuss pertinent issues and challenges in institutions of higher learning and the workplace, in terms of career choices and mobility, and equality and empowerment; and
  • Discuss country perspectives and approaches on practical solutions to these challenges at the institutional and policy levels.

BRICS Young Innovator Prize

The BRICS Young Innovator Prize is in special recognition of young talented entrepreneurs and researchers, whose outstanding innovations (inventions, products, apps and services) will make a profound impact on the socio-economic environment and conditions of life in BRICS societies today.

BRICS Young Programmer Competition

The BRICS Young Programmer Competition will invite talented young programmers from the BRICS countries to use their unique programming talents and skills to solve complex problems and challenges of the future under the theme "Programming Tomorrow's Solutions".

Workshop on Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The workshop on youth innovation and entrepreneurship will discuss practical experiences and seek to address questions such as "how to set up an innovation ecosystem for the youth/ and how the BRICS countries can support each other in this strategic endeavour?" In addition, it will also examine questions related to the translation of the research work outcomes of young scientists into marketable products and services and the creation of sustainable innovative start-ups. An important outcome of the workshop could be an agreement to set up a platform for BRICS young innovators.

Seminar on Science Diplomacy, Advice and Communication

Science diplomacy is key in international collaborations and indispensable for the development of young scientists' careers. The seminar will seek to contextualise the role and importance of science diplomacy, advice and communication in young scientist networks and career development and point to the need to establish a BRICS Young Scientists Research Network to enhance communication and coordination of young researchers in BRICS countries.

Selection process:

The selection of Indian participants for participating in the BRICS YS Forum 2018 shall be made by an Expert Selection Committee to be constituted by DST. The selection shall be based on the assessment of information provided by the applicant in the application form and the reference letters.

Up to 30 participants shall be selected by the Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India) and the final list of participants shall be forwarded to the Department of Science & Technology (DST), South Africa.

Submission process and timeline:

A complete set of application consisting of:
a) One complete set of original application duly forwarded by Head of the Institute in prescribed format (Annexure-I) along with a copy of brief CV must be submitted latest by 1700 Hrs on 30th April 2018 to:
    Dr D. Suba Chandran, PhD
    Professor & Dean
    National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)
    Indian Institute of Science Campus
    Bangalore-560012, INDIA
    Ph: 91-80-22185142 (Office-Direct);
Also a Soft copy of the application form (in a SINGLE SOFT File) in ms-word or PDF format only (Do not include scanned pages/ copies in the soft copy of the application, as signatures are not required in the soft copy), as email attachment to sharma_rk[at]nic[dot]in and subachandran[at]gmail[dot]com
For more information about the program, please contact-
    Mr R K Sharma,
    Scientist-E & BRICS YS Forum Nodal officer
    IMRC Division,
    Department of Science & Technology
    Technology Bhavan, New Delhi-110016
    Tel: 011-26537976, email - Sharma_rk[at]nic[dot]in

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