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Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS)

I. Introduction

The Government of India, Department of Science & Technology (DST) of the Ministry of Science & Technology (Govt of India) has successfully supported and executed the two Phases (Phase-I during 2008-1012 and Phase-II during 2013-2017) of Research & Training Fellowship for Developing Countries (RTF-DCS) program.

The 'Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS)' program is to provide opportunity to young researchers of the developing countries for their capacity building in science and technology through their affiliation with premier academic and research institutions in India to carry out short-term research work. Under the programme, full financial support is provided to the research fellows for their international travel, subsistence allowance, research contingency, domestic travel in India, etc.

The RTF-DCS programme was initiated in 2008 and has been successfully implemented in the last 10 years with the selected scientists having completed their research work in the respective host institutions in India. Considering the persistently high demand from the researchers from developing countries and the keen interest shown by the Indian research institutions in implementing this programme, the number of Fellowships was increased from 20 to 50 per year with effect from 2014-15

The Department of Science & Technology (DST) now invites applications from the eligible researchers of the developing countries for the 3rd Phase (1st April 2018- 31st March 2023) of the RTF-DCS scheme.

II. Objectives

The RTF-DCS is a India-destination Fellowship with the following objectives:

  • To promote mobility of scientists and researchers from the developing countries into India and provide them opportunity to work at Indian R&D/academic institutions to upgrade their research skills and expertise.

  • To facilitate exchange of information and contacts between the scientists and researchers of India and other developing countries and create a network for building research collaborations.

As a spin off, the Fellows may also have opportunity to get co-supervisors from India for their research projects for Ph.D. or M. Tech. degree on their return to their home countries.

III. Management & execution

RTF-DCS Program shall be managed and implemented by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), New Delhi

IV. Number of fellowships

Sixty (60) scientists and researchers from the developing countries will be selected this year under the RTF-DCS Scheme to get affiliated with Indian academic and R&D institutions.

V. Duration of fellowship

The Fellowship will be for a period of six months, but minor variation in the duration may be allowed with prior approval of DST depending upon the actual requirement of the research project as mutually agreed between the Fellow and the host institution.

Therefore the interested applicants must be sure about their availability for six months if selected for this Fellowship.

VI. Areas in which fellowships are available

India has a vast and excellent infrastructure for Education and Research in Science, Technology and Engineering. There are 744 universities and extensive networks of more than 5700 S&T Institutions, including several of national importance. Most of these are Government supported and cover virtually every branch and facet of science, technology and engineering.

Fellowship will be offered for working in research topics under any of the following broad disciplines:

  1. Agricultural Sciences
  2. Biological and Medical Sciences
  3. Chemical Sciences
  4. Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  5. Earth Sciences
  6. Engineering Sciences
  7. Materials, Minerals and Metallurgy
  8. Multi-disciplinary and Other Areas

VII. Eligibility

  1. Applicant should possess at least a Post Graduate Degree in any Natural Science subject or an equivalent degree in Technology / Engineering / Medicine / allied disciplines.
  2. Applicant should be working / studying and / or affiliated to any national R&D or academic institution in his/ her home country. The application should be endorsed by the Head of his/ her institution confirming that if selected, he/ she will be sanctioned leave for the Fellowship period and will join his/ her duties back in the institution on completion of the Fellowship in India.
  3. The upper age limit for the applicant is 45 years as on date of submitting the application form.
  4. The Applicants who have already availed Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS) are not eligible to apply again.
  5. Indian nationals are not eligible for the Fellowship.
  6. Applicants who have availed any fellowship scheme of Govt of India during last 5 years are not ELIGIBLE to apply.

VIII. Submission of application and selection criteria

  1. The applications are to be submitted only ONLINE at The hard copies of the application are neither required. The applications submitted through any other form or channel shall not be considered.
  2. The Applicant should submit the application online along with the following enclosures:

    1. Copy of relevant pages of valid Passport
    2. A copy of the the endorsement letter from present employer in the prescribed format   (Format for endorsement letter from present employer)
    3. A copy of the acceptance letter from any Indian scientist/ institution for hosting the applicant, if selected  (Format for providing acceptance letter by Indian host)

  3. It is strongly advised that the applicant, in his/her own interest, should make a prior contact with an Indian institution, where work is in progress in his/ her area of interest, or with a concerned scientist in India, and obtain consent that the applicant, if selected for the RTF-DCS, will be accepted to work in the institution on the proposed research project. A copy of such consent letter should be enclosed with the application.
    In this connection, a suggestive list of Indian academic and R&D institutions has been enclosed with this Announcement to help the applicant, but the applicant is free to contact any other institution in India for his/ her affiliation.

  4. Securing a prior consent from an Indian institution/ scientist does not guarantee the selection of an applicant. All applications received by the due date will be scrutinised in consultation with the concerned Indian institutions and the selection will be made by a High Level Selection Committee based on the quality of the research proposal submitted by the applicant, applicant's academic merit and available slots in the Fellowship scheme.

  5. The completed applications / proposals can be submitted ONLINE during the period 1st April till 30th September each year.

IX. Financial and other terms and conditions

  1. Full financial assistance will be provided to the selected Fellows which will include the following:-

    1. Round trip international airfare @ Rs. 60,000/- (on actuals) by excursion/ economy class and by shortest route from the international airport in the home       country to the international airport nearest to the host institution.

    2. A consolidated Fellowship amount of Indian Rupees (INR) 50,000 per month (non-taxable) for accommodation, meals and other miscellaneous expenses

    3. One-time grant of INR 30,000/- (subject to actual) for research contingency expenses, chemicals and consumables, airport transfers and domestic travel for       attending conferences / seminars etc in India;

    4. Overhead charges of Rs. 20,000/- to Indian host institute
            The allowances as in (b) and the actual expenditure as in (c) will be released to the host institution for disbursement to the RTF-DCS Fellow.
            The host Institution will arrange appropriate accommodation for the Fellow on payment basis.

  2. The selected Fellow will take an appropriate policy for health insurance coverage for the period of stay in India. The cost for taking the insurance policy is not       reimbursable under the scheme.

          The FICCI, New Delhi will purchase the air ticket for his/ her travel to India only after receiving the insurance policy document of the selected Fellow.
          The selected Fellow must take vaccinations (such as Yellow Fever, Polio etc.), as may be required under Government of India guidelines.

  3. Individual Fellow, or his/ her government / institution, is required to bear the following costs:

    1. All expenses in the home country incidental to travel abroad, including expenditure incurred to obtain passport and visa and for medical examinations and       vaccinations as may be required as well as other miscellaneous expenses such as internal travel to/from the international airport of departure in the home       country.
    2. Salary and other related allowances in the home country, if applicable, during the Fellowship period.
    3. Cost towards the medical insurance to cover the period of Fellowship in India.

  4. Neither DST nor the host institution in India will assume any responsibility whatsoever for the following expenditure of the Fellows during the tenure of the Fellowship:

    1. Visa Fee.
    2. Insurance, medical bills or hospitalisation fees.
    3. Compensation in the event of death, disability or loss of personal belongings or compensation for damage caused by climatic or other conditions.
    4. Travel and other costs incurred by the dependents, who might accompany the Fellows.

X. Documents to be submitted after fellowship approval

  1. Letter of acceptance by Parent Institute   (Format for letter of acceptance by parent institute) Download
  2. Letter of consent by Indian Host Institute   (Format for letter of consent by Indian host institute) Download
  3. RTGS details of Indian Host Institute ( Endorsed by Institute)  (Format for RTGS details of Indian host institute) Download
  4. Itinerary options (Tickets to be booked by RTF-DCS Secretariat)  (Format for itinerary options) Download
  5. Joining notification (By Indian Host Institution)  (Format for joining notification) Download

XI. Obligations of the RTF-DCS fellows

The Fellows will observe the regulations and procedures stipulated below. If they fail to do so, the Fellowship shall be withdrawn.

  1. During their tenures, Fellows shall not, either in or outside the host institution, infringe in any way on the human rights of others, including racial or gender       discrimination or other forms of abuse.
  2. Fellows shall stay in India continuously during the tenure of the fellowship and concentrate on their scientific work at the host institution. Fellows shall not engage in       other work, either paid or unpaid, during their tenure.
  3. The Fellows shall follow the rules of the host institution and shall not undertake any acts of research misconduct, e.g., fabricating or falsifying research results and       misuse of research funds
  4. A Fellow shall submit a research report to the DST / FICCI.   (Format for RTF-DCS completion report) Download
  5. Transfer of any type of biological material during the tenure of availing the Fellowship is NOT permissible.

For more Information about RTF-DCS program,please contact Mr.Raj Kumar Sharma or Ms. Ritika Kishore (ritika [dot] kishore [at] ficci [dot] com)