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Brief on India-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation

India-EU S&T Cooperation Agreement has continued un-interrupted during the period 2001-2015 with its first renewal in 2007 and again for another five years in 2015 valid till 2020. The India-EU S&T Cooperation is guided by principle of parity, symmetry, sharing of IPRs, co-investment of resources including funds. India-EU Science & Technology Cooperation is steered by India-EU Science and Technology Ministers and India-EU Joint S&T Steering Committee.

The India-EU Joint Declaration on Research and Innovation was signed in 2012 during 12th India-EU Summit in New Delhi which gave thrust to resolving societal challenges in the field of health, water, energy, bio-economy through research and innovation interventions.

Collaborative Research and Innovation partnership and impact

Since, 2001, India-EU R&D projects with funding of Euros 46.5 Million by European Commission and European Union Member States, matched by Ministry of Science & Technology (DST, DBT) have been implemented. These projects are in areas of computational materials science, solar energy systems and smart grids, wastewater treatment and drinking water purification, biotechnology & health, Bio-based energy, Bio-economy. Similarly, India-EU Thematic Workshops have helped in exchanging state of art and networking of research institutions/ scientist.

The projects have led to generation of critical mass of researchers and joint scientific publications (PhD/ Post Docs) and joint scientific papers in frontier area of computational modelling for design and development of materials for hydrogen storage, GHG absorption and industrial applications in microelectronics. The exchange of know how under solar project program led to Indian scientists capability for fabrication of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DDSC)in-house, development of transparent conducting electrodes (TCE) for Solar Cells; and development of new materials to enhance solar energy capture efficiency by 3% against existing global benchmark.

The India-EU Water R&D projects have provided positive results in respect of removal of contaminants (e.g. Arsenic) and solar driven disinfection systems for purification of water for drinking purposes and deployment of European technologies with customization for wastewater treatment through decentralized units for small and medium sized communities of 2000-15,000 persons equivalent with treatment capacity of wastewater of 1000,000-200,000 liters/ day at reasonable cost.

India-EU Collaboration in Water:

India and European Union has agreed to collaborate in water sector to support joint research proposals focused on wastewater treatment technology including bioremediation, drinking water purification, real time water quality monitoring. Both sides will co-investment €30 million to address these water challenges faced by India. From Indian side Department of Science and Technology and Department of Biotechnology are the funding agencies for this initiative while the EU side Directorate of Research and Innovation, European Commission is the funding partner. The project results are expected to contribute to improved and efficient wastewater treatment systems, combined with recovery and reuse of energy, substances and treated water; improved novel drinking water purification technologies for safe drinking water with easy access at affordable cost both in rural and urban regions; boosting initiatives like the Ganga Rejuvenation Initiative, fostering the emergence of quick-win business, affordable, innovative solutions based on integrated Indian and EU best practices; creating a level playing field for European and Indian industries, SMEs and civic bodies working in this area, paving the way for a potential joint venture for manufacturing of water treatment technologies and systems.

India-EU Implementation Arrangement for hosting of young Indian researchers by European Research Council grantee in Europe

An implementation arrangement was signed between the Science and Engineering Board(SERB) of India and; European Commission to provide opportunities in Europe for Indian researchers and stimulate co-knowledge through co-learning and mentoring. The Early Career Researchers, National Post-doctoral Fellows and Doctoral students supported by SERB will visit Europe for 6-12 months and team up with the European Research Council (ERC) supported project. The travel cost of visiting Indian researchers will be borne by SERB and local hospitality will be met from the ERC supported project fund/grant

Information and Networking Event:EU-India call on water(Last Date-3rd November 2017)

For further information and queries concerning India-EU Science & Technology Cooperation program, please contact Dr Arvind Kumar