International Cooperation Division

International Cooperation Division

(Department of Science & Technology)

Cooperation in development of Global Research Infrastructure (GSO-GRI)

India is member of a Group of Senior Officials on cooperation in development of Global Research infrastructures. The Group has finalised a framework of suggestive guidelines on development, operation and access of GRIs. It has identified about 40 national, international and distributed research infrastructures in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, Material Science, Energy, Environment, Climate, Seismology and Bio-medical. Opportunities of participation in these facilities have been listed. India has also sought global participation in :

(i) construction of 50 kiloton magnetized Iron Calorimeter detector (ICAL) to be set in the India Neutrino Observatory (INO);
(ii) R&D activities for the next generation detectors and other related technologies around LIGO-India. It has also expressed interest in participation in some of the Research     infrastructures such as International Mouse Pheno-typing Consortium. DST envisages continued engagement with the Group.

For further information about GSO-GRI Cooperation, please contact: Mr.Raj Kumar Sharma

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