International Cooperation Division

International Cooperation Division

(Department of Science & Technology)

G-20 S&T Cooperation

G20 consists of Heads of the States of 19 major economies (G8+BRICS+Australia, Saudi Arabia,Turkey,Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea.)+EU. In 2016, Science, Technology and Innovation was included in the agenda of G20 following the proactive initiatives by India and other developing countries. The G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou in September 2016 endorsed a 'G20 blueprint on Innovative Growth' and A 'G20 Innovation Action Plan' that created and led to first G20 S&T Ministerial meeting in 2017 in China. The G20 maintains close association with many International Organizations and also has outreach groups. Following the recommendations of the G20 Ministerial, Science20 (S20) platform has been created during 2017. The First S20 forum in Germany on 22 March 2017 deliberated the theme of "Improving Global Health: Strategies and Tools to Combat Communicable and Non-communicable diseases". G20 provides a platform to Leverage G20 STI Cooperation for India' national gains.

For further information about G-20 S&T Cooperation, please contact: Mr.Raj Kumar Sharma

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