International Cooperation Division

International Cooperation Division

(Department of Science & Technology)

IBSA (India, Brazil, Soth Africa) Science & Technology Cooperation(IBSA)

The main objectives of IBSA S&T Cooperation is to bring together three major economies of developing world in three main continents in an efforts to realize south-south cooperation.
The Cooperation mechanism is as below-

  • Each country to allocated $ 1 million for IBSA STI collaboration.

  • IBSA S&T Cooperation activities are guided by IBSA Summit, IBSA S&T Ministerial Meeting, IBSA S&T Working Group (WG).

  • IBSA STI Cooperation started in 2004 and from 2010 onwards it is being guided by IBSA Trilateral STI Cooperation MOU.

  • IBSA S&T Ministerial Meeting (4); IBSA Joint S&T WG Meeting (9); IBSA Workshops,IBSA call for Proposals and IBSA Projects form the basis of IBSA collaborative projects.
  • Key areas identified for collaboration: Health-TB,Malaria, HIV/AIDS; alternate and renewable energy, indigenous knowledge systems, Oceanography, biotechnology, nanotechnology, ICT etc).

Some of the activities/events supported under IBSA framework are as below.

  • IBSA Megaproject on Nano Science and Technology- 4 nano schools were organised (Energy-Brazil; Health & Water-South Africa and Advanced Material-India) that contributed towards training of 150 young researchers from IBSA countries.

  • 4 IBSA R&D Projects supported (devoted to Novel HIV Drugs, Novel Drug Discovery, Novel Gas Sensors, Advanced Materials Science), and

  • IBSA Project on Biodiesel production from algae.

For further information about IBSA S&T Cooperation programs, please contact-Dr Arvind Kumar