International Cooperation Division

International Cooperation Division

(Department of Science & Technology)

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Engagement with 'UN and affiliated organizations' (UNESCO-UNCSTD)

India as an elected member to the UNCSTD during 2015-2018 provides Indian / Regional perspectives in shaping international S&T agenda and strategy. It has provided the UNCSTD, Statements/ interventions on S&T themes such as : 'Post 2015 Development Agenda' at its 17th Session(May 13, 2014), 'Strategic Foresight for the post-2015 Development Agenda' at the 18th session (May 6, 2015), 'Foresight for digital development, (ii) Smart cities and Infrastructure at the 19th Session (May 9-13,2016) and (i) New innovation approaches to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (ii) The role of science, technology and innovation in ensuring food security by 2030 at the 20th Session (May 8-12, 2017). India will continue to engage with UNCSTD in the future sessions to provide national and regional perspectives on the STI dimensions of global issues.

For further information about UNESCO-UNCSTD Cooperation, please contact:Mr.Raj Kumar Sharma